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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In Seattle every day the amount of murders of people grows by vampires from the created young army of catechumens. Victoria swearing to take revenge to EdWard for death of beloved James became the creator of her. Vampire is alien forgiveness and she understands perfectly, what pain will be caused by Callen, harming to his favourite girl. Exactly now the fate of two clans appears in the hands of Bella, and a girl must choose, who she remains with.

From one side is her favourite man, EdWard and from other is a friend of childhood Jake Black. But business all in that first from them is a vampire, and second is a werewolf. And only the world in Seattle or beginning of terrible War depends on her choice, participants not only the representatives of dark forces but also simple people will become in that. Thus the showy stages of battles and transformations, tense plot and intrigue, necessarily will be appraised by the admirers of genre.

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