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Shutter Island

Time of Action of a picture — far 1954, a scene of Action — the Tent, the island prison for the insane where Teddie Daniels leaves together with the workmate Chuck Oul for investigation of an unprecedented case. One of prisoners manages to run away from vigilantly protected and strengthened island. This is the female infanticide of Rachelle Solando, got out of the chamber closed on all locks and disappeared in the unknown direction. In total on this confidential object serve the sentences 42 mad, and 24 of them — especially dangerous, unpredictable and violent, contain in the most strict isolation in the territory of the former fort. And the concluded exactly from here ran away. However, the fact of escape isn't confirmed yet, and the reason isn't found out. Whether and it is possible to penetrate into logic of chronically sick mind of such person?

On this island there is strictly protected clinic for the insane of criminals. This place is strictly secret, in its territory 42 patients serve the sentence, but in the territory of the former fort contain 24 most violent and unpredictable patients on the Actions. And so from this the place strengthened and protected from all directions, the murderer of the children of Rachael Solando some wonderfully manages to run from the closed chamber. Marshal Teddy tries to find out the reason and the fact of escape, but his consciousness constantly grows dim with real events and dreams tormenting him. The terrible hurricane which flew on the island blocks ways to withdrawal to the outside world.

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