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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Piligrim – the young man, in twenty with small looking as the school student, – plays in a rock group and enjoys years a certain popularity at girls. He meets the senior pupil Nayvs and though friends don't approve it, intends to fight for the love. doesn't meet Ramonuo yet Ramona – extremely the independent girl with hair of mad color who recently moved to the native town of Scott Piligrim.

Scott fascinated by it starts achieving Ramona, without paying attention to offended Nayvs , but shortly learns that only those who literally won this right can meet its new passion. The matter is that Ramona's heart is preserved jealously by seven former, and each of them intends to battle to Scott, to win against it and thus to put into place. Now to Scott Piligrim who didn't know several days ago problems at all, the real battles are coming.

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