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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Will Rodman, the young scientist from the city of San Francisco, dreams to help the father having Alzheimer's disease and other patient. During development Will makes genetic experiments with a chimpanzee as a result of which one of them becomes uncontrollable, and she should be lulled. It appears that a chimpanzee it was pregnant, and the cub is rescued.

Will who temporarily took the kid to himself finds out that the chimpanzee possesses absolutely surprising abilities, not characteristic for his age and in general much surpassing qualities of other experimental. Will understands that the entered mothers of the cub who received a name Caesar preparations influenced development of a fruit. The scientist steals medicine and gives it to the father to whom becomes worse over time. Results strike: Charles Rodman's organism successfully struggles with an illness and is almost completely restored. But once Will understands that such treatment has very unpleasant consequences.

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