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The Last Word

Harriet - the pragmatic person. The successful business lady living by rules thought up most. Nothing could prevent it performed by at least one point from these canons. In life it has to have everything under control. Having lived long, life the lady reflects on death. The obituary becomes an important question for it. To it it is very important as about it will write newspapers after death. That doesn't suffer guesses and doubts she decides to write the obituary during lifetime. It is idea becomes part of its plan.

For its realizations in reality it goes to edition of the solid edition. The journalist Anna undertakes to write the last word. To write a truthful vital result it is necessary to learn more information. During work the journalist finds out not absolutely good parties of transitory life of the customer of posthumous article: the lady systematically increased life extents number of the ill-wishers who sincerely wished it the fastest death. Such obituary couldn't get on the page of the newspaper in any way.

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