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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

After penguins are gone, Alex proposes his friends, lemurs to go the New York city via Monte Carlo. During their stay at Monte Carlo chimpanzees and penguins win casino plays and go back to Africa to take their friends back to home. Alex tries to kidnap them but this attempt is reported to animal control by Chantel DuBois. Alex and his gang try hard to escape from the situation. DuBois get success in catching Alex and puts him in the collection of animals he has gathered.

After a plane crash in France, they find a train containing all circus animals. They try to enter the train by showing that they are circus animals. Stefano announces that next show of the circus is going to be arranged in Rome and then in London. They decide to request the promoter of the circus to arrange for American tour as well. Suddenly the penguins propose to purchase the entire circus and zoo animals get very surprised by this act.

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