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Dark Shadows

The movie begins in the year 1760, with Barnabas, who is the youngest son of the Collin’s family. He has a very luxurious life as the Collins owns a CollinSport. Barnabas, falls in love with Angelique Bouchard and the two spend a lovely time together. Sixteen years later in 1776, Barnabas falls for another woman named Jossette. This aggravates Angelique and she turns to black magic cursing the entire Collins family. All of them are killed by her magic except Barnabas.

She punishes him for making the biggest mistake of his life and that is breaking her heart, she turns him into an immortal vampire and buries him alive. 196 years later, Barnabas is unintentionally freed from the place where he was buried and the Vampire now returns to his place and finds out that nothing is same. Angelique has also become an immortal witch. Things take a bad turn when Barnabas decides to settle scores.

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