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The World's End

The movie begins with a middle aged alcoholic named Gary, who tracks all his school friends and forces them to finish “the Golden mile”, which is a pub crawl that includes 12 pubs of Newton Haven. The group previously, in their teenage tried to complete the race, but that was just a failed attempt. Gary meets with his friends Peter, Steven, Oliver and Andy. All the friends reunite and the pub crawl commences. They move to the first pub and have some drinks and move to the second, where they meet Oliver’s sister Sam, who was the crush of both Steven and Gary.

Then they move to third pub, where Gary isn’t allowed to enter as he was barred as a teenager. Their exciting pub crawl takes a different turn when Gary indulges in a fight with a teenager at the fourth pub. During the fight, when Gary knocks the teenagers head off it is revealed to them that he is an android alien.

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