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Andrew Neiman is fond of playing drums since his childhood. Now he is taking a formal education in jazz in the very first year. He is studying at the Shaffer Conservatory located in New York city and it is a very prestigious institute. He wants to be like Buddy Rich. Terence Fletcher is a well known conductor and he comes to know that Andrew is practicing in the music room even during the nights. He invites Andrew to his own studio where all his musicians are practicing.

He offers Andrew to play drums to replace the main drummer in his team named Carl Tanner. Fletcher is not a very good teacher although. He regularly insults his students and mimics them too. Andrew is not at all experienced to all such things. While the entire team is practicing for the “whiplash” song from Hank Levy, Andrew loses his temper. Fletcher insults him in the class and slaps him as well.

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