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The Theory of Everything

The movie revolves around the life story of a very famous scientist named Stephen Hawkins. In the year 1963, Stephen, who is an astrophysics student falls in love with Jane Wilde, who is a literature student. Stephen is a very intelligent and brilliant student, but still his professors feel he does not have a grip on the thesis topic. He decides to improve himself and one fine day, he attends a lecture on Black holes and he gets a thought that black holes can be a part of the creation.

He begins to write his thesis and in between his research, he notices that his health is not the same. His muscles begin to fail and upon diagnosis, it is found that he is suffering from motor neuron disease. Jane confesses her love for Stephen and even though she is aWare of Joe’s disease, She marries him. Together, they cross all the odds and creating a History with their remarkable work in medicine and science.

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