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Penguins of Madagascar

As the name suggests the story takes place in the Antarctica where three brothers Skipper, Kowalski and Rico. These penguin brothers break the law of nature. The law states to save the egg of other penguins. The egg they save from leopard seals batches into Private. The penguins think of celebrating Private’s tenth birthday and decide to go out from the circus.

The break the Fort Knox to give him a treat and order the menu item named Cheezy Dibbles which has been discontinued. Soon after a while Private feels that he does not belong to the place and calls them secretary or mascot. While they are talking, a huge machine catches them and sends them to the city of Venice in Italy. The huge octopus named Dave in the disguise of human does this job. He is angry at the penguins as he is ignored by the people visiting zoo because of the cute penguins.

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