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Crimson Peak

In the year of 1887, Edith Cushing a daughter of Carter Cushing gets the vision of her mother telling to be aWare of the “Crimson Peak”. Carter Cushing is a rich businessman staying in the Buffalo, New York. Edith loves writing and dreams to become an author. She meets Sir Thomas Sharpe who is English man in nature.

He is on his visit to US along with his sister named Lucille. He is finding some investors for funding his invention in clay-mining. He also sends his proposal to Carter Cushing but he rejects it. Edith experiences the same vision of her mother Warning her about Crimson Peak once again. Edith gets involved with Thomas emotionally but Edith’s friend Dr. Alan McMichael does not grant them to marry. Mr Cushing also hires a detective to find some dark facts about Thomas and his family. Meanwhile Mr. Cushing get murdered by some unknown person.

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