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The Boss

The movie begins with a Rich, beautiful and a classy woman, Michelle Darnell. Michelle is the CEO and she always knows how to get what she desires. She lives a happening and luxurious life and enjoys her wealth but as its said time is never the same, this wealthy woman gets arrested for an illegal Action of insider trading and the saddest thing is that she is moved to a federal prison. After completing her punishment in the prison she is out of the lock up but unfortunately nothing remains the same.

She is broken and is looking for shelter as she is homeless too. And she realizes that she is hated by almost everyone. But fortunately, there is her previous assistant named Claire who is the only one ready to be the helping hand for her. Michelle Darnell starts living with Claire and her daughter. Tired of all the things that happened in the past and how Michelle Darnell’s business has faced a down fall they decide to establish a new model of business for Brownie Empire.

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