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Mother's Day

The movie begins with Sandy who is a single mother and has a lot of problems in her life. She is so disturbed and is stressed out due to her complicated life. She comes to know about her ex husband who is going to marry a woman very much younger to his age. She has a friend named Jesse whose interest basically relies in fitness. She is a fitness freak and the problem with her that she secretly has a family. But she has no courage to tell her parents about this.

There is a widower Bradley who is struggling to hard to raise his two daughters on his own. He is trying harder to not let the two daughters feel the absence of their mother by playing the role of a mother as well. Miranda is striving hard to be successful and is extremely busy with her career that she has no time to think about having children. When their life becomes too hard with the troubles coming up their way the holiday and celebration of mother’s day add meaning to their lives.

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