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The Wolverine

The movie begins with a man named Logan, who lives in the Yukon and is disturbed with the hallucinations of Jean Grey, who was killed by him. Logan was forced to kill Jean several years ago and since then the hallucination of Jean has not allowed him to live. Yashida, the one whom Logan saved during the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, asks Yukio to track Logan. Yukio has been blessed with an ability to foresee the death of people. Yashida wants Yukio and Logan to move to Japan, in order to pay his life debt. Yashida is suffering from cancer and he is dying, he wants Logan to transfer his healing abilities to Yashida’s body, so that Yashida can survive cancer. Logan refuses to do that and he decides to leave. But, the night before he leaves, something is introduced into Logan’s body by Yashida’s physician. Logan thinks that it is his hallucination and ignores it. The next day, he learns that Yashida has died, but he is unaWare of the evil intentions of people around him.

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