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Night at the Museum 3

Our unremovable hero Larry Dale that is played by excellent and unique Ben Тиллер, he again can not find the place of activity and all also wants to give excellent education to the son to Nik. In one moment lives our hero offer to simple and undifficult work in one of museums, that is specialized on natural History. Before him there is a simple task - it is necessary simply to guard a museum and sometimes passed on rooms in building. Larry consents without meditations, he is sure that for him all will turn out. But in the first night of the duty our hero comprehends, that all where more difficult, than he supposed. All sculptures that are in a museum come back to life. So that Mr. Dale must watch not only after that nobody was able to make way in a museum but also also not able to get out from him. Next part of film will present mass of the impressions, all stages are accompanied by the colourful special effects, new histories will have an interesting turn of events, in fact Larry will be to meet with Roosevelt and Napoleon.

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