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Boyka: Undisputed

In the center of the scene of the film "undeniable 4" is a talented boxer Yuri Pinched, past the incredibly difficult path, full of injustice and deprivation and suffering. The accidental and unintentional murder committed in the championship of the causes the main hero is fully rethink absolutely all in that he believed and the dream. Transferred exemplifies the term in prison, he became the champion and now, beyond the freedom, it to begin life with a clean sheet. Yuri will have to prove that it does not lose the talent and skills, until he was locked up.

Exit to freedom, he understood that he was not to return to what it has always been committed. It has been for many years with his last battlefield in the Professional League and the time spent for the scoop, he has received many serious injury. In addition, now its surround the young competitors and ready to do all to win. Learn that the wife soldier, which he killed, is located in distress, the main hero of the movie "undeniable 4", which can be viewed online on our website, decides to participate in the tournament of higher level to atone, save the prophets from slavery and prove its viability.

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