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The Angry Birds Movie

The birds have a new reason to be angry. Red, has been sentenced to anger management classes for causing premature hatching of a customer’s egg due to his temper. In the meanwhile green coloured pigs arrive to the island claiming to be peaceful explorers. Befriending the flightless birds, soon there are more pigs entering the island. Red suspects their intentions and approaches Mighty Eagle, the protector of the island to help him combat the pigs and destroy their mission. Unfortunately, he fails to persuade the eagle.

While the birds are busy in a rave party, the pigs set the island on fire and steal the eggs. Red along with his other flightless mates fights the green pigs and rescues the eggs which the pigs have hidden in the boiler. It is revealed that Mighty Eagle refuses to help so that the flightless birds find faith within themselves and fight the pigs on their own.

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