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The story begins with Chris Faraday who was a criminal earlier, now evacuated the job and starts living a life with tranquility. But unfortunately, things take a turn and he is brought back into the same life when his brother-in-law, Andy screws up the drug deal handed over to him by his cruel and callous boss, Tim Briggs. Faraday is brought into the world of Crime again and he has to do what he did previously to bring his brother-in-law, Andy out of all this.

As he was not new to the world of smuggling, he managed to arrange a group with the help of his Sebastian best friend to move to Panama. Finally, Chris is only left with few hours to reach the target, he puts all his skills into Action to find out the network of criminals, the drug smugglers and all the people who are involved in the Crime to prevent and save his wife and child from being the target.

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