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At the very beginning of the film "Marrowbone" we meet Jack and his younger brothers and sisters. Five of them live near the provincial town. Despite its proximity to people, children prefer to avoid any contact with strangers. Many local residents believe that they have something to hide. Among the inhabitants of the town there are rumors that something ominous is happening in the House, because they harbored ulterior motive away from everyone.

Soon it turns out that rumors and talk are not far from the truth. More recently the children my mother died, and if this information spread, children razluchat. Each of them will go to the shelter. But brothers and sisters did not want to leave. They sincerely believe that they will be able to survive and maintain secrecy until his adulthood, when they have nothing will threaten. Jack cares about their relatives. But he could not save himself from love to the girl, who lived near their homes. Simultaneously, Jack discovers that the place in which they live, shrouded in a grim secret. It turns out that apart from them, there lives a strange entity, ready to break in our world.

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