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John Carter

John Carter is science fiction Fantasy film. The john carter (Taylor Kitsch) who is searching for gold cave finds one person in his journey. The person is very aggressive and rush onWards john in an attempt to kill him. John saved himself and killed that man. John could see one pendant lying in man’s hand.John touched it and he is transferred to another planet called Barsoom (Mars).

It has some super powers so that you can jump very high. He then meetsTars Tarkas and his community. Hegets well understanding of the Barsoom Language.There is also a love story between john and princess Sola. He thinks to be always in Barsoom and throws the pendant that can get him back to earth. Suddenly, John sends the pendant back to earth by using his powers.The movie is full of entertainment and fun. Youwill literally enjoy watching the movie John Carter.

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