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American Satan

The Central hero of the film "American Satan" becomes Johnny Faust, a young artist newly formed rock band. After graduating from University, he decides a tight music. Together with the members of the group, he moves to a place where the music industry is developing by leaps and bounds. Johnny is sure that they will be able to achieve the greatest success. However, the problem is that as long as the funds are sorely lacking. Members of the Group had to sleep in the van and use any outside employment.

Everything changes when they are introduced to the mysterious Mr. He invites them to sign a contract and assured them that the next day they wake up stars on a world scale. By manipulating their senses, he forces them to sign a contract. And now their music can change the world, but musicians are losing control over their lives. Almost all of the band members are immersed in the world of alcohol, violence, cruelty and depravity. Only Johnny tries to escape. To him to come to the aid of his girlfriend, mother and a mysterious man named Gabrielle.

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