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Mike Weiss, a young lawyer who lives and works in Houston. He is very talented and has a good potential to be a great lawyer, unless, of course, do not fall victim to their own internal demons-those who do not give him live calmly and constantly pushing the sharp sensations. Mike suffers from addictions: He sniffs cocaine and swallows the pills, and only success in the courtroom and the protection of the client, in the truth of which he believes is capable of diverting the young man from self-destruction.

And Mike, and his Office is still people not particularly notable, but they plan to fix it soon. The chance of success and opportunity to prove himself in the courtroom for Mike becomes ambulance nurse case Wicca, which pricked by an infected needle. The struggle to bring to justice the major medical organizations, not wanting to ensure safe working conditions for their employees, develops for him in the task of paramount importance.

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