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Imagine that the planet has embraced an unknown virus that kills all the feelings in people. Every day we are people live in their little world and didn't attach value feelings which we aWarded the nature. What will happen if we start gradually deprived of smell, taste, hearing and vision? How can you live with one touch anything without feeling, without hearing anything and not seeing? The answer to this question know characters of the film "Perfect Sense". The outbreak of an unknown epidemic afflict all countries, virtually all of the world's population is infected.

Sluchaynaya vstrecha Chef Michael and scientist-virologist Susan turned into a stormy Romance that heroes seemed fleeting intrizhkoj. But when panic covers the people, and the once beautiful streets there is chaos, Michael and Susan realize that they, like the air you must breathe to be near each other, and enjoy these moments until they can still feel until they can hear voices and see each other to remember forever in his memory the image of a loved one.

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