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Cowboys & Aliens

Action science fiction Westerns "Cowboys & Aliens" occur in the year 1873 in the small town of Arizona. Stranger in the desert comes to life, but he remembers absolutely nothing and did not understand how ended up in this place, and on his arm a strange iron bracelet. He goes to the nearest town is Absoljushen, but there are strangers no one happy, and almost no residents flee their homes unnecessarily. Soon, city residents will know the stranger, who is Jack Lonerganom and is wanted by the authorities.

But when I try to convey to the authorities in the City happens something terrible. A strange luminous something hangs over the city, and picks up all it wants. City people live in constant fear that the emergence of unprecedented object is not the first time. It was at this point the iron Bangle hand Jack starts to come into Action, he gradually remembers what happened to him. So cowboy Jack is the lifeline of the city against the terrifying aliens, because his bracelet is a powerful weapon.

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