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10 Cloverfield Lane

The movie begins with a girl named Michelle, who moves from New Orleans after getting into an argument with her boyfriend Ben. On her way through Louisiana, she gets to know about the blackouts in major cities. She receives a call from Ben and her distrAction lands her into an accident after which she is left unconscious.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in a strange concrete room and she is chained up to a wall. A man named HoWard approaches her and tells her that the city is ruined by the brutal attacks of some unknown origin, and in order to save her, he brought her to the strange place. She meets Emmet, who is another survivor, he witnessed the attack and is residing in HoWards bunker in order to save himself. Doubting HoWard, she escapes from the bunker and that’s when she is landed into trouble.

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