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The East

Sara is a young woman who previously worked for the FBI and now is an employee of a private agency. Once her charge very important task: it must infiltrate a grouping environmental terrorists called the "The East" and become a double agent. «The East» is a group of young people who see their task in environmental protection Wednesday against the harmful effects of large corporations.

Their methods of combat put into life the ancient principle of "an eye for an eye": for example, the company responsible for the leakage of oil, it is oil poured by terrorists, thus pointing to the Crimes for which should be answered by the pests. Entering the grouping, Sarah very soon realizes that this job will become something more than just work undercover. As a typical representative of the consumer society and man, seeking to defend the law, several principles of "East" Sarah can never accept. However, very much in the views of new acquaintances seem to it just and proper.

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