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Star cast of Thriller "Killing Season" delights spectators. Starring removed star world scale: John Travolta and Robert de Niro. The story of two soldiers who had long retired. Emil Kovac, a former member of the secret group of Serbian Scorpions and a veteran of the fighting in Bosnia, was given the task to eliminate Benjamin Ford, who was previously NATO's operational worker. Emile learned that Benjamin has a small hut in the Appalachevom forest, located far from civilization.

The former fighter who wants all the ways avenge the death of their friends who were killed through the fault of Ford, zabludivshemsja pretended to be tourists. Murata employee trust NATO and crafty way forced the man to go hunting with him. But the moment Benjamin did not know that hunting is not for hares and birds, and on it. The movie has plenty of intriguing exchanges of various kinds of weapons, fisticuffs and incredible power. Who will win in an unequal fight Serb or American, you can learn only after watching the movie.

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