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Lisa-a teenage girl, which realized that its normal, seemingly, life is a never-ending nightmare. Every day parents and younger brother, wake up and go to bed, have the same conversations, just repeat the events of the previous day, without even knowing it and as if lost in a closed temporary loop. Lisa is the only one who notices it, but she's already lost hope to reach parents and now hopes to at least understand what exactly happens to them and why native home became a prison from which there is no exit.

Communications don't work on the street swirls of fog, and nobody can help Lisa. One day, she learns that there is someone else-someone help still needed. Lisa's family is not the only captives here: reality from time to time accept flimsy shape, and Lisa sees a girl his years, which threatens to mortal danger. Deciding to understand what is happening, Lisa very soon learns that all this has to do a serial killer.

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