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Bruce Robertson-not the best representative of the Scottish police. Firstly, he prodazhen and likes to manipulate others, and secondly, women and drugs interest him much more than a job, and thirdly, he does not hesitate to behave strangely and interfere with work colleagues. Chief mate look after him, but it doesn't change the fact that Bruce is clearly uses his powers for selfish interests, giving free rein to vices.

The main purpose of life is to get promotion and Robertson to become Inspector-General of police-in the end, more power means more opportunities for realizing their perverse ideas about fun. Improvement starts looming in the face of Bruce when he takes on the murder case of Japanese student crucified hooligans. But events have not exactly as planned, police considered themselves smarter than everyone. His own obsession with intrigues and desire to participate in a large "play" a little provoking mental disorder.

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