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In the film, the viewer becomes acquainted with the business girl, Porshej Nelson, who is an employee of the popular admissions at Princeton University. She loves his job, and can perform the most difficult job in the shortest period of time, giving her all his forces. No wonder that she spends most of the time. While Portia is never tired or irritable. Even recreational activities it considers its work. Hence it is clear that she has no child, husband or even a friend. Yes it does not strive for this, to stay with the labor process. What she wants, so it is in, that means, to achieve the post of Chairman of the Admissions Committee.

One evening the girl gets a phone call from a representative of a pleasant voice, asking Porshu to drive up school in order to test the students, some of whom are child prodigy. On arrival at the specified place, she sees a simple House with orphans, which soon very attached. Children have little knowledge of, including boy Jeremiah designated caretaker of alternative schools as a child prodigy. And Portia realizes that she is ready to help children to go to University, even at the cost of abandoning the promised promotion. As the fate of the protagonist if she accomplishes her dreams and can be greeted, finally, my love?

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