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Son of a Gun

19-year-old guy named Jay, crossed through the law, thereby poplativshis their freedom. Now his place-cell, his entourage-criminal society. Here he learns true bullying by the criminal authorities. But the world is not without good people, life intercedes Brendan Lynch-Australian, who has a loud criminal past, but knows no boundary line.

Without hesitation, he deal with everyone who pose a threat on his life. For guardianship Brendan gave Jay a duty which he must fulfill, after release. What young man readily agreed. Now his goal is to get into a bandit group, and become one of them. Parallel to this, Brendan prepares the robbery where prey will be a huge amount of gold bullion. Infiltrating the bandits, Jay noticed a girl named Natasha. Young people loved each other and eager to leave the criminal world to start a peaceful and happy life, but it is not included in plans Brjendana Lynch. Now young life in their hands and they have to make a choice, either come up with a plan of escape or be puppets mobster.

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