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Once upon a time the orphan Maleficent was little fairy, who lived in solitude high up on the tree and flew above the marshes on the beautiful wings. Her friendship with the usual boy Stefan, whom she met in the forest, promises to be the link that will end the War between the human and the fabulous worlds. For many years these two have continued close relations, which over time develop into a novel. But am rather enticed by promises of power and ambition, Stefan enters into Union with the evil King, who seeks to destroy Malefisentu. Now, as an adult, native fairy became the ruler of his own Kingdom.

Stefan permanently removed from the forest Kingdom and when maleficent arriving with returns, he pretends that he wants to reunite with his lost love. In fact, the purpose of the lull her and cut the wings to use them as proof that he has enough courage and zeal to become the next King of mankind. The deal is done, and he returned to the city in anticipation of a coronation. Deceived and angry Maleficent plans his revenge is that it commits, when King Stephen's daughter appears. Sorceress curses the little Aurora: when the girl reaches 16-year Jubilee, she sleeps the sleep of the dead. The only thing that will wake the Princess-"kiss the beloved".

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