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The Crucifixion

Based on the true story of the film does not continue the storyline of the original "Curse," but in doing so, we offer once again plunge into the mystical atmosphere entertaining Horror, in which ordinary people have to fight with demonic power. In the center of the narrative turns British journalist Nicole, which is going to write an article about what happened in the Romanian village of murdering a local resident. Irrational explanation tragedy-the rite of exorcism to banish an ancient demon. Rational-the gang rape and murder.

Feeling the complexity of material, Nicole persuades Editor let go her to Romania. He agrees, and the girl is sent on a business trip, unaWare that the trip could be the last one in her life. Arriving at the place, Nicole meets a priest Anton, who tries to convince her that there had been a real expulsion of demons. To him the heroine of the film "the curse. Nowadays "is skeptical and tries to investigate as objectively as possible. The girl did not believe in God, though late mother always tried to keep her on the right path. But the more time Nicole spends a journalistic investigation, the stronger is satisfied that there is not only God, but the devil.

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