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Jay Cavendish-ordinary Scottish boy whose life has recently been relaxed and carefree. But everything changed Dramatically at a time when his beloved Rose was forced to leave the Wild West with his father. The protagonist, feeling their responsibility for what happened, went to far, unpredictable and very dangerous way in search of his beloved. Guy and could not imagine what he has to go. Hitting on wild lands, Jay immediately becomes involved in trouble, but he is rescued by the acquaintance with the lonely Wanderer Sajlasom, who agrees for the certain payment accompanied by a young man and help him to overcome all obstacles.

On its way the heroes encounter many difficulties, dangers ranging from cruel Indian and ending with the bounty hunters who wish to earn money. The thing is that for Rose was assigned quite a large reWard and now the villains, murderers and lovers of light gain came from everywhere to kill the girl and get the promised money. Prevent to do so they can just Jay who is willing to do anything to save his beloved, and his new comrade Silas. But will they be able to survive in a world where danger lurks at every turn, and death they wish almost everyone they encounter on their way?

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