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A resident of New Jersey-Stacy Jendri from his youth did not seem fragile and helpless girls: everything in it saw "your boyfriend". And the profession she has chosen himself to become-mechanic in a garage. Strong and courageous girl consumed by his work, so from childhood accustomed to physical work. The profession was not the only unconventional choice. This also applies to her personal life. For many years she is in a loving relationship with Lauren Hester-woman detective. Lauren also used to be strong: it is a daily risk, searching for criminals. But in love to each other, Stacey and Lauren gained happiness, mingling knot.

And here is the shift of harmony in their little family comes unhappiness: Hester learns about deadly medical judgement and its days are numbered. When her diagnosis medicine already powerless, and the woman should be prepare for the worst. But what makes the heroine "Freeheld" Lauren and in these difficult days for himself decides to leave his dear friend the only thing she has is privileges, which go to the families of police officers. Under the legislation is not Stacy is right. Meeting with the latest forces, Lauren begins to struggle with outdated laws

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