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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is here that unfolds the main plot of the film. We all know that these places are marked on the map a prohibition sign, it is here that already dozens of years comes the relentless War and tense atmosphere prevails. In this picture, I talk about a young ambitious girl reporter, that revision will send one of these dangerous places in which to unfold relentlessly fighting. She expects a lot of impressions. The emergence of the fairer sex at a military base will become an extraordinary event for men.

Some will even try to flirt, but there will be other who believe that girls do not place on a military base. The heroine gets acquainted with many people, but most of all its amaze how ordinary citizens are trying to build a peaceful life under the hail of bullets. The viewer sees the heroine with a strong hand, and her character will help her cope with a multitude of obstacles, because its nothing stop, it wears its vest and make frank reports, which would eventually become rating.

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