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Swiss Army Man

The plot of the Dramatic Comedy "Swiss Army Man" tells the Adventures of a young boy Hank and his friend Manny to a desert island. Will fate Hank found himself abandoned on an uninhabited island. For a long time, a long-awaited rescue was not done, so the guy has lost hope and decided to settle the score with life. But at the last moment, Hank notices on the banks of the human body. Unfortunately the man turns out to be dead, but Hank is absolutely not embarrassed.

Besides the corpse of a young guy Manny is very multifunctional, like a Swiss knife, which helps Hank survive in the harsh conditions of the island. Finding Manny Hank takes on a new meaning and even comes with a new friend inland to meet new Adventures. Hank believes that Manny will help him return home and to meet again with the girl of his dreams.

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