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Lawyer Laura Wells eight months of desperately busy client irritable Fallera. He was injured in the workplace, becoming incapable of work, and devotes free time conflicts with the employer, terrorizing and lawyer. Heroine sends man to a colleague, povtorjajushhemu words Laura: the company is guilty of injury, however, will not sue because the victim has already accepted compensation. Exasperated Faller takes firm worker hostage-Miss Wells will have to be a mediator between the cops and the kidnapper.

Parallel to the nearby other Drama unfolds. Married couple-Ryan and Gina Lewis-erect. Gradually the wife notices: spouse bad weird treats her. The husband's behavior causes dislike, marriage is a crack. They will engage in construction cases with complex relationships.

The heroine of the third part of the History-Jamie, lonely woman, working and living on a distant, isolated ranches, loving horses. She meets lawyer-girlfriend Beth and begins attending lectures classes that gives you local school. Once the teacher leaves, and upset privjazavshajasja to it, Jamie rides her search. All three intertwined narrations.

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