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Florence Foster Jenkins

Feature film "Florence Foster Jenkins" is based on real events and tells the story of the life of the American pianist and singer who managed to become famous, despite lack of hearing, sense of rhythm, as well as inability to keep the note. Action movie occur in the first half of the 20th century in New York. Florence Foster Jenkins was born and raised in a wealthy family. Sixteen girl realized that her vocation in life is music. That's just nature Florence wasn't generous all that you need for the career of the singer — voice, hearing, sense of rhythm.

True friends and relatives do not become frustrating Florence not to injure its responsive nature and favorite Bjejfild Claire spouse supports her in any endeavors. Biggest dream Florence is on stage at Carnegie Hall, which she starts seriously training. She hires the best singing teacher and pianist, Mr MakMuna, who is horrified by the terrible voice of Madame Jenkins. However, he is forced to conceal the truth from the mediocre singer, living for the sake of music.

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