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Psychological Thriller "Pi" is the first full-length film directed by Darren Aronofsky, which immediately brought him fame. The plot of the film is a talented mathematician Max Cohen, during the long years of trying to find and solve the digital code of the universe. Using work on calculating the rate of exchange of shares as a cover, Max has handled more important for myself. Using mathematical formulas and calculations, he moved to the deciphering of the number pi.

Like many geniuses, Max lives alone in a small room, similar to the Computing Centre, messy, he removed from the external world and almost nobody does not deal, in addition to its only other Straw. Solution to this complicated mathematical tasks absorbed the mind of Max. Himself unwittingly, he attracts the attention of dangerous people-powerful Wall Street analysts who understand what might this mad genius, if you unravel the Mystery of the number pi.

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