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Band Aid

The power of music and the magnificence of the individual sound composition allows you to find the incredible relationship and force unique feelings. And in this story, to save their own understanding of happiness, the couple cannot cope alone with the contradictions that have emerged. And constant conflicts have forced them to turn in the direction of favorite tunes to save his marriage. The film's plot so immerse in all the splendor of selecting songs and tunes, which should push to have fun and enjoy life.

And the main task is selected, which is unable to cope with diverse perspectives on the world. A large number of contradictions and growing permanent conflicts, forced to seek a new rescue for your own happiness. Guys, it is important to save your marriage, that they are ready for real Action and create a Musical group. All the contradictions go on the back burner and let you look at the situation completely different angle. And multiple facets of misunderstanding embody new in differences in music. Giving an excuse to return the previous relationship and believe in their happiness, where you can always see the eccentricity of simple peace and high notes of love and sensuality.

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