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The Cider House Rules

The Action film "The Cider House Rules" occurring during the second world War. The protagonist is Homer Wells was born and raised in an orphanage St. cloud, which is headed by Dr. Larch. His entire life was held on the territory of this shelter, Homer never left its limits and is not familiar with the life that goes somewhere far away, in other cities and countries.

The whole War is raging, soldiers bravely fighting for peace, rumble explosions and shots are distributed, but this is very far from the orphanage St. cloud, in which a young guy Homer helps Dr. Larchu to appear on the new light small humans. It is in the shelter, Homer meets a couple in Candy and Wally. Together with them for the first time in his life, Homer leaves his native St. cloud and leaves to meet travel to see the world and find yourself.

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