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Fight Club

Psychological Thriller "Fight Club" is a film about unsatisfied, boring and empty life ordinary servant of the big corporations, the Suppression of so-called white collars and personal samorazrushenii.

Living in a boring daily life of an ordinary office clerk entertains themselves buying furniture for the home, leafing through catalogues of IKEA. He suffers from insomnia and can't always discern where to sleep and where reality. After dating on the plane with a Tyler Dearden, svoenravnym merchant expensive SOAP, whose view of life is very different from universal, the Clerk's life has changed. It takes the philosophy of Tyler and starts to live according to the principle of self-destruction is the only right way. And here's a little time later, friends beat each other while parked at the bar, enjoying the physical cruelty. They create a secret fight club where people can let off steam.

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