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The plot of the Comedy film "Dogma" is about the Adventures of two fallen angels Loki and Bartleby, whom the Lord cast out from paradise and exiled to Earth for disobedience. Wandering the Earth and dreaming of returning home, the angels will learn about the real possibility of realizing their dream. The Catholic Church makes updating obsolete dogmas and promotes absolution to anyone who passes through the arch in the Cathedral was sanctified in New Jersey. To return to the paradise of Loki and Bartleby all that it is necessary to pass through the arch.

But the task is complicated, to get into an Angels need to get rid of the wings and become mortal. Only then can perform the rite of passage through the arch, die and return safely home to heaven. However, Loki and Bartleby expects a big surprise if they fulfil the rite, then upset the principle of the universe and the world will cease to exist, which would entail the exit hell demon Azrael. Upset the dogma can only great-great ... great-great-great-niece of Jesus Christ on behalf of Bethany, in search of the angels.

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