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Treasure Planet

In my childhood a little Jim Hawkins learned that in the universe there is Treasure Planet, created dangerous and cunning pirate Captain Flint. According to the legend on the planet are hidden treasures untold, but find the planet to anyone yet. Jim was impressed with this legend, but years later forgot about it. Now sixteen, he learns in high school and in her spare time riding on a flying surf board. Once, quite by accident in the hands of Jim falls pirate treasure chest, inside of which is a map with the exact location of the mythic Treasure Planet.

Briefly thinking the guy decides to go in search of the planet, taking with a friend, a famous astrophysicist Dr. Dilberta Dobler. On the spaceship under the direction of Captain Amelia friends are sent in a long and dangerous journey. Ahead of young Jim are many difficult situations and dangerous Adventures, such as: space storm, black holes, a conspiracy among the crew of the ship, as well as the betrayal of a friend. But a series of hassles only makes Jim stronger and helps him see the world without "pink glasses".

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