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The Scorpion King

Action Adventure film "The Scorpion King" occur in the third millennium BC in Egypt. The mighty ruler Memnon decided to conquer the world and enslave all peoples living in the great desert. Numerous Army soldiers easily defeats in battles and captures the new land. Helps in the evil deeds of mysterious and forecaster Tirana sorcerer, directs his steps in the right direction. But there are still some people who oppose the tyrant Memnonu. They call on the help of mercenary, working only for money, Metaesa.

Instruct him to kill Warlock, because without his predictions Memnon puzzled and unable to fight. However, to his great surprise, turned out to be an excellent predictor of young woman Cassandra. Metaes leaves her alive and captures the prisoner to pull Mamnona and upsides with him in the desert. Metaes falls in love with his captive, and she predicts its new King Scorpion, which toppled a tyrant and ruin his empire.

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