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Star Trek: Nemesis

Fantastic movie "Star Trek: Nemesis" takes the viewer into the wonderful world of the Star Trek universe, and continues to talk about the exciting Adventures of the heroes in the far-distant future in which numerous star systems is included in the United Federation of planets. While the crew of the ship "Enterprise" walks on the wedding celebration of Commander William Ryker and his charming wife of a newly minted Diana Troy, the universe again exposed to great danger. On the planet Romulus coup and seized power in his own hands Shinzon, saved from death a stranger and for a long time in the shade.

At the same time the USS Enterprise receives a signal coming from the planet located near the neutral zone, where the team finds the body of a prototype Android similar to Djejtoj, but less perfect. A study on the causes of the incident "Enterprise fails, because the ship is forced to urgently come to the negotiations on the planet Romulus. The team still does not know what awaits them ahead not only meeting with the mysterious Shinzonom, but also responsible mission to save Earth from destruction by the new fanatical leader who for years had planned his revenge earthlings.

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