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Shrek 2

Cartoon "Shrek 2" continues the story of the Green OGRE Shrek and his friends. Newlyweds Shrek and Fiona returned to the swamp after the honeymoon. However, immediately receive a message from Fiona's parents, the King and Queen of far distant Kingdom to come for a visit. Yielding to the entreaties of the beloved Shrek agrees and together with Fiona and Donkey is sent to parents. The King and Queen were not aWare that their daughter, the beautiful Princess Fiona became overwhelming, so upon arrival of the Princess and her husband experienced a real shock.

In the meantime, the Fairy-Godmother Fiona, weaves intrigue against Shrek and King Harold makes to get rid of monsters, because of a long-standing agreement to become husband Princess had her son, handsome Charming. Shrek finds himself in the thick of unexpected events, insidious plans and conspiracies. He will declassify its enemies, to save his beloved Fiona from Follies, to prove her love and save your marriage. In this difficult matter Shrek helps his friends donkey and fairy creatures, as well as new acquaintances such as peerless Puss in boots.

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