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The protagonist of the thrash-Horror film with elements of Comedy "Slither" is a resident of the small town of Wilsey, not quite respectable family man and clearly not a wonderful husband Grant one day turns out to be infected with an unidentified virus from the same unknown substance, which Grant found in the forest during a fun outing with his mistress. An alien creature settles in the body of a grant and is beginning to affect the mind, Action and the appearance of the men.

Grant feels unreal feeling of hunger that tries to drown out buying meat almost tons, as well as undergoing physical changes in your body that is becoming uglier and fatter. At the same time in missing pets, livestock and even humans, Grant begins to convert the inhabitants into zombies. But he opposes local sheriff, Bill Pardy, who along with his wife Starloj Grant develops plan to assassinate extraterrestrial slug living inside grant.

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